Inhouse Managers’ Software Only Service

Our software only service option is suitable for larger organisations and those running multiple kitchens.

If you are a hospital, multi-academy trust, care home, local authority or catering company, the software option could be exactly what you need to improve the efficiency of your catering services.You remain in total control whilst still reaping the benefits of Inhouse Manager.

Once your menus, ingredients and suppliers are entered into Inhouse Manager, the software takes care of all aspects of ingredient management, allergen and nutritional analysis. Based on your menus and uptake rates, the software orders the ingredients you need and analyses and reports on any element of your food production and sales. If you collect payments from other centres, Inhouse Manager links with your accounting software to produce the invoices.

How does Inhouse Manager save you money?

You reduce wastage because the software only orders what you need, which avoids over-ordering, and takes into account your current stock holding.  The amount of administration that your kitchen staff will be responsible for is decreased dramatically, leaving them free to concentrate on producing great quality food.

How does Inhouse Manager save you time?

• You no longer need to calculate what to order, Inhouse Manager does this for you and automatically sends the orders to your suppliers.
• Allergen information is automatically calculated and we are introducing nutritional analysis in early 2017.
• The software automatically reports on any element of your food production and sale.

Choose our software only option if you prefer to manage the software and pay your suppliers yourself. If your needs change, you can switch from software only to the fully managed service or vice versa.

Contact us today to discuss how your catering operates and we can explore the most suitable option for you