Review of Nutritional Requirements for Food & Drink in Schools (Scotland)

The recent review, published in June 2018, points to some significant changes ahead:

  • Introduction of food based standards alongside nutrient standards
  • Energy standards to be measured on a daily basis rather than weekly basis
  • Increased fruit and vegetable provision
  • Removal of fruit juice & fruit juice combination drinks
  • New standards for provision outwith lunch
  • New standards for red and red processed meat
  • Analysis of Secondary School lunch to be based on a 2 choice, 2 course lunch

How can Inhouse Manager help?

Our fully integrated nutritional analysis uses your bespoke menus and recipes with the actual ingredients you purchase to automatically analyse your offering.

You can choose whether the reports produced are based on an even take up across your menu or on the actual numbers of each meal choice served.

The ability to identify food that requires analysis on food based standards as well as nutrient standards enables schools to analyse all aspects of the provision.

Multiple menus can be set up within the system to measure the lunch provision separately from provision outwith lunch.

All analysis can be carried out on both a daily and weekly basis.  The weekly measurement will still show a daily analysis which is then averaged for the week.

Allergens are automatically identified and reported on.

Our catering management software saves time and money by automating your procurement, ensuring you are using the most cost-effective ingredients across your schools. The daily production reports provided to your kitchen staff ensure the right amount of meals are prepared, using the right amount of ingredients, and including the recipe method brings consistency across your service.

By integrating the nutritional analysis module with the catering management module, your level of accuracy increases significantly whilst reducing the amount of work required to provide the analysis.


For more information about how Inhouse Manager can support your catering operation, please contact us

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