Allergen analysis, the reassurance you need

By automatically analysing your ingredients and recipes, our allergen software gives you the reassurance you need when serving your customers. The software is already supporting schools, hospitals and care homes and, because it is online, it is always up-to-date with the latest allergen information.

You can be confident that you’re meeting the needs of those with allergies as well as the Food Information Regulations 2014, which recognised 14 allergens which operators are now required by law to highlight.

Identifying where and what type of allergen

Unlike other software, Inhouse Manager identifies the allergen, its type and where it is within a meal, for example, it will identify gluten and the type of gluten in a bun when served with a burger.

Nutritional analysis

To save you even more time, we have introduced a fully integrated nutritional analysis module. It will analyse your menus and recipes and help you comply with the latest regulations and guidelines on nutrition for your sector. The software will support you to offer an improved choice of nutritionally balanced meals that covers seasonal availability and faith-based or therapeutic dietary preferences.

As well as utilising the McCance & Widdowson open data source, we have also imported supplier specific information, which will link automatically to products you use using the product code.  This removes much of the risk involved in selecting the correct nutritional ingredients for analysis and saves you even more time.

Our dynamic on screen graphs enable you to see areas in your offering which require attention, and allow you to click through to alter the recipes behind the menu.  This action automatically updates the recipe document, the production reports in the kitchen and your purchasing.

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To discuss how our allergen and nutrition software can work for you, please contact us.