Inhouse Manager proudly sponsors the One McPeake Challenge

We are delighted to announce our sponsorship of The One McPeake Challenge, launched by Allergen Accreditation to support and raise funds for The Anaphylaxis Campaign.

In order to raise awareness of how difficult it is to live with a food allergy Jacqui McPeake, from Allergen Accreditation, invites chefs and caterers (& those with an interest in food!) to eliminate one or more allergens from their diet for 2 weeks.

This will enable the volunteer to understand the daily issues that someone with allergies face. The challenge will highlight the problems going shopping and checking labels for allergens, cooking at home with other family members who do not have any restrictions in their diet and going out to eat at work, a restaurant or bar etc. (And just going out for a drink!)

The challenge will help those within the catering industry to appreciate the problems that customers with food allergies face.

At Inhouse Manager, we understand the difficulties faced by those with allergies, and also the challenges faced by caterers in providing safe food for sufferers.  Our catering software automatically identifies and report on the 14 legislated allergens across your ingredients, recipes and menus.  For more information on how our software can support caterers please get in touch 

In order to gain an insight into participants experiences during the 2 weeks challenge participants are invited to share these with Allergen Accreditation.

Once the #onemcpeakechallenge has concluded the team at Allergen Accreditation will analyse all feedback, blog posts and social media to produce a report highlighting the learning outcomes from participants. The report will contain experiences and highlights of the challenge but will not refer to the names of participants.


  • Remove one or more of the key 14 allergens for a 2 week period.
  • Visit local supermarkets and smaller shops to purchase appropriate foods suitable for your chosen allergen challenge and remember to look for may contain and made in a factory with!
  • Dine out at least once and ask about your chosen allergen!
  • If you managed to order a takeaway, what was your experience?
  • Feedback any difficulties you experience e.g. taking a packed lunch to work, finding snacks to eat, eating with family members.
  • Feedback reactions of family, colleagues etc.
  • If working in the industry, feedback the response from your colleagues.
  • Feedback any learning from the challenge. What did you learn from the experience if anything?
  • Will you do anything differently as a result of #onemcpeakechallenge ?

Please do get involved.  Perhaps get a team together?  For more information about how you can take part and donate, please visit

The money raised from this campaign will go STRAIGHT to The Anaphylaxis Campaign.  During their conference taking place on 18th September 2018 the amount raised up to that point will be announced. The final amount raised will be publicised on social media.

At Inhouse Manager, we will all be choosing one allergen to avoid during the two week challenge – we’ll let you know how we get on!