Can you afford not to take our price challenge?

With food costs rising and budgets continuing to stagnate it has never been more important to ensure that your catering operation is running as financially efficiently as it can.

Price Challenge – proven savings of up to 20%

Inhouse Manager’s software solutions have helped create proven cost savings throughout healthcare, education and care home catering in the UK.

Our managed software often creates cost savings through a reduction in administration and invoice processing, less product wastage, decreased chance of over-ordering, accurate stock and reporting and our fixed price approach.

Food Cost

Food costs per care home, hospital or school are difficult to compare. There is no standard approach to the figure so where one hospital may quote £25 per person per day, another quotes only £2.50. Some include labour charges, utilities and infrastructure in their price and some do not. With such idiosyncratic reporting, it is no wonder that so many caterers are unsure of their true cost. Add to this market fluctuations in food costs and many sites find themselves under the additional pressure of a constantly changing price.

Fixed Price Per Person Per Day

To enable caterers to budget efficiently, Inhouse Manger provides a fixed price per person per day, over an agreed term. This means no interference from unpredictable market changes, easy daily, weekly, monthly and annual accounting forecasts and complete control over food costs and the catering budget.

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