Inhouse Manager in Cost Sector Catering school technology feature

1. CSC Feb cover LR

See below for our latest coverage in February’s Cost Sector Catering Magazine, out now.

1. CSC Feb p49


“Meanwhile Inhouse Manager, a managed intelligent IT system for in-house public sector caterers, offers operators a fixed price per person per day. It controls stock levels, decreases deliveries and reduces administration at a predetermined cost.”


“Our business is entirely founded on the basis of partnership and we strongly believe in the value of long-term relationships with our partners in the NHS, education and elderly care sectors.”


“Our team at Inhouse Manager has developed an automated IT solution that can be tailored to your needs. Unlike other systems its a fully managed catering system.”


“That means our in-house administration team does the hard the work for you, fixing costs, planning menus, tracking stock, helping to increase profits and freeing up your time to focus on the important things, like delivering a patient or pupil  meal service that excels”


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