Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you have any questions and to discuss your catering needs

Can we use our own suppliers?

Yes, you can continue to use your own suppliers, however small they are. The managed service means we manage all supplier relationships and the ingredients you need are automatically ordered and paid for, whoever supplies them. If you choose the software only option, ingredients are automatically ordered and you manage relationships and payments.

How will Inhouse Manager save us time?

  • No more manual ordering –  ingredients and consumables are automatically ordered based on your bespoke menus, recipes and uptake numbers.
  • No more analysing ingredients – allergen analysis is automatic.
  • Remove double inputting with the fully integrated nutritional analysis – uses the data from the catering management module.
  • Only pay one weekly invoice to us, we handle all of the others for you.
  • No more manual reporting –  automatically report on any element of your food production and sales, showing separation of costs across your operation.
  • No more raising invoices if you sell meals to other sites or centers, these are automatically produced.

How will Inhouse Manager save us money?

  • We only order what you need, reducing ingredient stockholding and waste.
  • The guaranteed fixed price meal prices mean you avoid ingredient price hikes.
  • Collaborative procurement saves you up to 20% on ingredients and consumable costs.

How much money can we save with Inhouse Manager?

Contact us to explain your catering operations and we can calculate how much we can save you.

What reporting and analysis does Inhouse Manager do?

You can analyse any piece of information within the software. Our most popular daily report is the production report which includes ingredient pick lists and recipe method to ensure consistency. Other popular reports include meal take-up, suppliers, ingredient usage and sales.

We run a hub-kitchen and provide meals for other sites, can Inhouse Manager support us?

Yes, the software is flexible and can even help you to manage the invoicing and separation of costs to other sites, if that is how you operate.

If the software is free of subscription and licence fees, how do you make any money?

The software is only free if you choose the managed service option. Through this, we work to a fixed meal price per day which is what we charge you, plus any consumables you order. We build a small margin into the fixed price meal amount.

Can we still offer themed meals and days, such as for Christmas and take-away days?

Yes, Inhouse Manager gives you the flexibility to continue offering what you do now. If you choose the managed service, let your account manager know about your themes and they will organise everything. If you choose software only, you enter your recipes and ingredients so they are ordered in time for your special days.

Who is Inhouse Manager?

Inhouse Manager is part of the Castle View group of businesses. The business was founded by Frank Bell in 1964 and is still led by the Bell family. Visit about us to find out more.

We have so many dietary requirements and needs, does Inhouse Manager include allergen analysis?

Yes, the software automatically analyses your menus, removing the worry and hassle of scrutinising ingredients yourselves.

Does the software analyse nutrition as well as allergens?

Yes, a comprehensive integrated nutritional analysis is included, which uses the data from the catering management module to provide reports.  You choose the reference standards (or create your own) by which you wish to measure your menus and recipes.

Will the software add extra work for our IT department?

No, the software is online so there is no impact on your IT network and we support and update it so there is no additional work for your IT department. They can contact us on 0333 123 6987 to ask any software questions.