As a preferred partner for volume in-house catering, we know and understand the things that matter to you. We work with in-house caterers that care about the quality of their food and those that wish to provide a valued service to their patients or pupils but have to do this within a fixed budget.

Catering finances across the NHS, education, councils and elderly care are still being squeezed, at a time when food costs continue to rise. Inhouse Manager’s unique fixed price approach enables caterers to balance these two factors by fixing the food costs for an agreed term.

We understand that you may have established partnerships with your current suppliers. With Inhouse Manager you can, if you wish, continue using these suppliers. For our team to set them up on the system they must pass industry approved standards for foodservice suppliers. Alternatively our team would be delighted to suggest suppliers and menus which are nutritionally analysed, fully comply and are recognised by the Better Hospital Food initiative or Every Child Matters scheme.

Once your menu and recipes are confirmed, we will agree with you a price which is fixed for a set term. It doesn’t matter if the price of beef goes up, or if oil prices soar, your price is fixed.1

  • Fixed price
  • Balanced budget
  • Price per person per day
  • No interference from unpredictable market changes
  • Easy daily, weekly, monthly and annual accounting forecasts
  • Complete control over food costs and the catering budget

Speak to one of our team about securing your food costs.

Current situation in NHS patient feeding, school food and elderly care catering Inhouse Manager solution
Increasing and changeable food costs Fixed price
Decreasing catering budgets Reduced processing costs
Expensive IT solutions No software or licence fees