Effective Procurement

Here at Inhouse Manager, we don’t just write great software – we’re also procurement specialists.  During our 20 years of experience, we’ve seen it all – good and bad!


Good procurement is a time consuming task, and one that often gets overlooked, potentially costing organisations thousands of pounds each year.  Being able to keep abreast of pricing changes from multiple suppliers can be difficult – people get into the habit of ordering ‘that particular fish’ or ‘those potatoes’ and don’t have the time to ensure they’re using the best or most cost effective options.  Quite often, the realisation that there has been a jump in prices is when the invoice lands on the desk – and at this point the food has been eaten so there’s no choice but to pay up!

How often do we find that deals have been done on particular products, but that only half of the organisation are utilising the correct product code?  The common problem of rounding up when ordering, ending up with excess ingredients that usually end up being wasted.  All too often, I’m afraid!

Changing suppliers often leaves people cold – “we’ve always used them” is not always a great reason to stay faithful.  We’re not suggesting a change for changes sake – but regular bench-marking checks should be carried out to ensure that you are still receiving good pricing – but who has time for that?

At Inhouse Manager, we offer a fully managed service that sees us procuring your ingredients on your behalf, and you simply pay a fixed price per person per day.  You won’t lose control – if you want to stay with your local butcher that’s absolutely fine – that’s where we’ll buy your meat from.  We take the risk of managing the cost of the ingredients within that fixed price so you don’t have to. We also manage the input of all the information into the software to save you more time, and meet with you every couple of weeks to ensure the service is running smoothly.

Using our software and our relationships with both national and local suppliers, we ensure you receive the ingredients you want, when you want them.

For more information about our services, please contact us to discuss your needs with a member of our team.