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See below for the article in this months Cost Sector Catering magazine on how Inhouse Manager’s software can help save time and money using technology. 

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Saving time and money with cost saving technology

Inhouse Manager is a school and hospital catering software that cuts food waste, enables caterers to profit from fixed price budgeting and provides fully compliant allergen information.

Cuts waste

Inhouse Manager software can help reduce waste considerably by controlling portion sizes and preventing over-ordering as it only lets you order what’s needed for the recipes and portion sizes you specify. It also gives you greater control over menu and supplier analysis and even contains a ward-ordering module for hospitals, so you can help regulate wastage down to ward level.

Thanks to its innovative design, Inhouse Manager software is simple to configure to match your precise needs. It makes menu-planning easier and stock management more straightforward and you don’t even need to worry about managing and securing all your data as Inhouse Manager stores it securely in the cloud. There’s even a smartphone app, so you can access your data online at any time.

 “Using Inhouse Manager software saves me 10 hours a week. That’s an astonishing 320 hours of labour efficiencies and thousands of pounds over a school year”

Christophe Rondelot, Chef, Millbrook School

Time and cost-savings – fixed price budgeting

Inhouse Manager software helps caterers control costs, track stock levels, keep food miles to a minimum through delivery monitoring, and reduce administration hassle. In addition to this, by using the system to its full capability caterers benefit from a fixed price approach. This offers revolutionary menu planning software that can help caterers achieve overall cost-reductions and maintain daily rates for patients, residents or pupils for up to 12 months. This can create outstanding cost savings and price stability which makes planning much easier for all cost-sector procurers.

Allergen information software

The latest allergen module is breakthrough software to help caterers manage allergy information as required by the Food Information Regulations (FIR) 2014.

The new software enables caterers to deal more effectively with diets and nutrition for people with allergies and provides a well thought-out and easy-to-use piece of smart technology.

Developed to incorporate the latest cloud-based technology that Inhouse Manager uses for its main software solution, it means catering managers can now access the latest allergen details and guidance as it becomes available.